Interactive Canadian BJJ Gym Map

If your looking to find the best places to train BJJ in your area? Not sure where to train BJJ? Its finally here! We have taken the time to create an extensive map of all the BJJ gyms in Canada. With research and the help of the community we have finally created a place for new and traveling BJJ practitioners to locate the best place to train. The sport has came a long way since the days of having a few color belt per gym here in Canada. There is a surplus of gyms that are producing top level BJJ athletes and its our pleasure to extend this tool to you. We have trained at a great number of these gyms so if you have any questions just drop us a line.

Of course a gym or two may have been missed…. no worries…. If you would like to get listed please drop us a line and we will get you on the map.

We also have a business directory of Canadian BJJ GYMS




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Things to Consider When Selecting a BJJ Gym

If your new to the sport or simply relocating to a new area, there is always much to consider when selecting an academy to call home. The criteria below doesn’t provide a complete answer for all your needs, but acts as a guild line to the selection process.

Lineage and Belt Level:

Its always a good idea to learn more about the lineage of the bjj instructor you plan on training under. Legitimate instructors should not have a problem with you asking question about their BJJ

Teaching Style:

This is a big one. You could be training with a world champion, but his/her teaching style doesn’t jive with you. You will come across soft spoken, clear and concise teachers, hard nose military drill sergeant style teachers, and much more. The trick is to find the style that resonates best with you.

The Team:

The academy could be new and starting out… with minimal high level students to train with. The academy could be well established with countless high ranking belts. Obviously you will get more from an academy with higher level team mates… and for someone already training in the sport this will be important if you plan on getting better. For someone new starting out, not so much. You will always have to make the best with what you got and some Jiu Jitsu is better then none. You have to do your research and find out the best gym in your area by looking at teams competition records and surround yourself with the best. If you want to be the shark… you must swim with the sharks.