How We Do Our Gi Reviews

While some products that are reviewed may be either given to us to test or purchased from BJJ CANADA… All reviews are truthful and comprehensive. We want our viewers to have an honest opinion of the strength and durability of the GI. Of course the aesthetics may be personal opinion bases, but you can be the judge from the images provided.

Each Gi is show with pictures before and after its eight week trail. First we train 4 days a week in the Gi, washing it after each class of course. By this time the Gi has been washed 32 times at the end of the month. The Gi is then put in the wash for 4 straight cycles in a row. Now that its time to do our final performance review of the Gi, it has be trained in 32 times and washed 36 times.

We review the shrinkage, stitch integrity, overall performance of the material, feel of the collars and sleeves, price point, and our aesthetics opinion.

How We Do Our Apparel Reviews

These reviews can be a matter of our preferences in style, but we still rate the quality and fit of the items.

How We Do Our Accessories Reviews

We test each and every product to insure quality and fair price point. We like to see the new innovative ideas companies are coming up with to increase training effectiveness and quality.


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