Arm Bar Soap Is Amazing

armbar-soap bjjProduct Review : Armbar soap company “ The Cornelius Concoction”

If Keenan endorces it then it must be worth a try. That’s what I was thinking when I first found the armbar soap company on keenans instagram. The Armbar Soap Company was started in 2012 By Chad Hospodar and has gained the support of bjj big names Gianni Grippo, Gary Tonon and even has a bar named after worm guard guru keenan Cornelius.

The armbar soap company began because Chad had an encounter with ringworm and was not able to train. Unsatisfied with other products on the market as well as a reoccurring case of ringworm, he decided to create his own using hand picked ingredients to create a all natural, long lasting soap to fight infections caused by dirty mats. Satisfied with what product he created ,the armbar soap company debuted to the public and as they say … the rest is history.

Price – I purchased The Supreme Clean pack and I paid 38.95 plus tax and shipping in American dollars which worked out to 67 dollars Canadian. The surpreme clean pack includes 8 of their soap bars as well as liquid soap which works out to roughly 8.50 a bar with getting the liquid soap for free. If your looking for individual bars of soap then you can get it at


My first impression came from the shipping package since the beautiful fragrances blended together to create this aroma that was leaking from the package and worked as a temporary car freshener. I went to training and when I arrived I opened up the package to find a nice note written by chad himself which goes to show how this company tries to connect with its costumers. When purchasing the Supreme Clean pack, you have the ability to try each of the armbar soap companies 8 kinds of soap as well as their liquid body wash. Now one thing when first looking at the soap is the packaging. Chad really did a good job on selecting the packaging as each bar looks visually appealing and features a different gi color on each bar of soap to compliment the soaps already beautiful color.

The texture of the soap is no different from any other bar aside that it contains hand picked all natural ingredients combined with nice blends of essential oils. Because I had 8 bars to chose from, I selected the Cornelius concoction due to keenan being one of my favorite guys to watch and wanted to try out a soap bar named after him.

The soap smell reminds me of a vacation I had in mexico where there is a sense of the tropical aroma I remember in the mayan Riviera. I really enjoyed how the soap smells and stays on my skin when im dried off. One thing I noticed is how the soap applies to your skin. You can feel the areas of your body where the soap hasn’t been applied because its almost so clean that its sticky. Now this is not a complaint as the soap leaves your skin feeling healthy and clean.

arm bar soap companyThe soap bar contains a unique oil called “manuka” which is only found on the east cape of New Zealands North Island and when doing some research I found that manuka oil combats acne and fungal infections and that’s just one of the unique ingredients found in the Cornelius concoction.

Ive used this soap following 6 training sessions and the soap has remained in good form and seems like its going to last a couple more weeks.


I never thought I would be interested in purchasing a bar specifically to combat infections caused by mats but The Armbar Soap company changed my opinion. I really like to support companies that are using ingredients that are natural and good for the body as well as supporting the competitors that make this sport. Chad himself trains in brazilian jiu jitsu and knows what the people are looking for. The packaging and names of the soaps offer each individual a choice and there’s a bar for everyone’s preference. The hand written note really added a personal touch you dont find in most companies and I have no connection nor have ever met Chad.At 8.50 for a bar you might ask yourself why spend so much on a bar of soap? The Cornelius Concoction is long lasting and will not dissolve to nothing like most of the soaps you use. Now im not saying that spending that much is essential but the soap combats the infections that will keep you off the mats .Being off the mats means your not training but your gym is still charging your bank account, so that 8.50 doesn’t seem too bad when your gym fees are 60-200 bucks a month.


The Arm Bar Soap Company presents: The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle // The Golden State from Alex Kilauano on Vimeo.