Interview with Sebastian Brosche

Sebastian Brosche

Team: Frontline

Sebastian brosche bjj and yogaMain Achievements:

European Silver Medal (2015)
World Bronze Medal (2014 & 2013 brown)
European Bronze Medal (2015 absolute)

Interview Questions:

1) What is your name, belt rank, current training academy, and how long have you been training?

S- Sebastian Brosche, brown belt, Frontline Academy. I started training in 2007

2) Whats the bjj scene like in your country?

S- It is small, but growing in popularity thanks to the MMA trend. People show up to be fighters, but stay because of how challenging the Gi is.

3) What’s a typical training week look like; training times, routines, meals, etc.

S- We (me and my wife) are working very hard to establish these routines. Habits helps us free time and be more efficient, and when you have two businesses, three dogs, and want time to relax then efficiency is alpha and omega. We try to identify one or two things every day and improve them until tomorrow. Where there is friction we do not overlook, and we try to smooth out all bumps.

4) Tell us about your achievements in 2015 and what you expect for 2016?

S- I did not make any achievements in 2015, but I got married, which was better than winning double gold in worlds. In 2016 I will go to PanAm and fight my heart out to win it.

5) We understand your serious about stretching and have made yoga a huge part of your life. Tell us about how this all started and also how its helped to improve your bjj?

S- I am still looking for a good comparison, and i have gotten as far as this: Yoga is to BJJ what BJJ is to MMA; You can do without, but you are seriously handicapped. I am not saying you will beat everybody just because you practice yoga, but you will definetly feel better and experience less injuries and trauma to your body.

bjj with Sebastian brosche6) Tell us about The bjj community is loving this, what’s some of the feedback you have been receiving from this?

S- Yeah, the website is growing rapidly in popularity since I got professional help from my friend Miha! Now we are working every day on improving the usability of the website, creating week-long programs for specific body parts, and listening to feedback from our dedicated members. There is one guy that stands out from all the feedback we have got, a 50 year old attorney from the US, who started yogaforbjj and BJJ at the same time, and he just competed in his first torunament with ease! He credits his yoga practice to have gotten him in good enough shape to put up some killer fights. For me that is amazing and makes my work very worthwhile!

7) Have sponsors played a role in your training and how do you maintain the jiu Jitsu lifestyle?

S- Yes, lately I have been blessed with a good sponsorship in Progress BJJ (UK) and RollSupreme (UK), but moneywise me and my wife is paying for almost every trip and every expense. That is how it goes wink emoticon

8) What’s some of the positions you have been working on developing?

S- I am researching and trying to figure out where the big holes in my game are. Being explosive from closed guard is the first thing I noticed when sparring with a purple belt with killer reverse armbars. I have become more slow and grinding and loose since I started yoga, so now I think i have to tighten up and practice some explosive jumps and drill faster.

9) What do you think about the evolution of bjj in recent years and where do you see it going?

S- I have no idea. Olympics will change the sport completely, and IBJJF is doing what they can to make BJJ more confusing for competitiors. I think we will see more special torunaments with homemade rules, like EBI.

10) Who’s your favorite competitor to watch these days and why?

S- I dont watch much, but my favorite competitor to watch is of course myself, and my wife

11) If you could see a bjj super fight with any two athletes, who would it be?

S- I would like to see a Judo fight between the Miyao brothers, I think it would be interresting and very entertaining. If i could fight anyone in the world in a superfight it would be Leandro Lo, since my game is similar to his, but he is just 100x times better than me.

Video Credit : MMA Media


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